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The Emotion Roadmap is your guide for taking control of your feelings and your relationships.

 Our programs feature Chuck Wolfe, creator of the Emotion Roadmap, and co-author of the original MSCEIT Certification program.

Chuck has consulted for the very best, e.g., Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Sheraton, Foxwoods, Exxon, UTC, GE, ESPN, Allianz, AIG, The Hartford, Kaiser Permanente,  Yale New Haven Hospital, US Army, and Coast Guard.

He has appeared in conferences and panels with Dan Goleman, Reuven Bar-On, Peter Salovey, Jack Mayer, David Caruso, and Josh Freeman.
















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  1. Programs listed below begin with certification in the MSCEIT, the most well known and respected emotional intelligence test of abilities.

  2. The next program is brand new and is all about "The Emotionally Intelligent Leader." There is a real problem in organizations that shows up as a lack of engagement, an emotional issue that is addressed in this program.

  3. Valued leader coaching is a precise approach to coached valuable members of an organization who are high potential or simply very talented and in need of some assistance from an expert in developing highly effective leaders.

  4. The Emotional Intelligence Critical Skills for Success program is our two day program that is run all over the world and translated into multiple languages. It offers insights to people about their individual emotional intelligence abilities and how to leverage this knowledge.

  5. Our New Pathways workshop teaches people at all levels how to take responsibility for their own development and helps leaders at all levels become excellent in performance management and talent management.

  6. Our managing change program for the new leader is a customized consulting operation helping organizations to develop new mission and vision statements and to implement various levels of change initiatives. Change is highly emotional and thoughtful emotional planning will minimize resistance.

  7. The emotionally intelligent teacher is all about applying what we are learning to the classroom experience. Our work with schools includes working to create the "Emotionally Intelligent School System."

1. The Emotion Roadmap and MSCEIT Certification

The Practical Workshop for Understanding and Improving Emotional Intelligence

This workshop is designed for smart people that want to learn how to increase emotional intelligence for themselves, their colleagues, their organizations and family and friends. You will learn to use the Emotion Roadmap to proactively deal with emotionally challenging situations. And you will learn a practical way to interpret the MSCEIT, the ability based emotional intelligence assessment, designed by the pioneers of emotional intelligence. Click here for a detailed MSCEIT agenda. The agenda is always somewhat customized to make sure we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Workshops are conducted on site for a minimum of 3 people or in a public setting when 5 or more people are able to attend.


2. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader is a workshop for leaders at every level who understand that when smart people are stuck it is almost always because of some strong emotion present in them or in the people they are dealing with.

Like the diamond cutter who knows where and how to strike to create the effect that results in priceless beauty, the leader needs to know what to say, and how to say it, to create inspired performance that is beautiful to see and experience. Gallop reports that approximately 80% of all employees are not highly engaged. How much better could companies be doing if the role of leader at every level provided leadership that inspired and engaged employees? A unique tool that has been created to help people to manage their own emotions and their emotional relationships with others is the Emotion RoadmapTM. By learning how to use the Emotion RoadmapTM to enhance leadership effectiveness, participants will gain competence and confidence. Workshops are conducted on site for one day, or for a more advanced version, two days, for a minimum of 8 people. This workshop canor in a public setting when 5 or more people are able to attend. The workshop can also be delivered in a series of webinars or in a public format. It is available as a train the trainer for those consultants or organizations where emotional intelligence is designed to be a core competency. Detailed EI Leader Agenda

 Leaders will practice and improve how they:

  • Generate high levels of engagement, and inspire performance, by addressing each individual, and each team’s unique needs

  • Manage their own, and others’ emotions, in strategic situations, such as leading change, and tactically, in managing conflict, and giving feedback


 3. Valued Leader Coaching

The loss to an organization of a key leader, either a senior manager or a high potential mid level member of an organization, can set the organization back significantly in terms of both the cost to replace them and lack of productivity during the time a replacement is being sought and later trained. We feel the benefit of helping a key leader to be highly successful through coaching far outweighs the cost.  There are few initiatives that will have a better return on investment than hiring an effective executive coach for your organization. It is our experience that coaching can help save an executive who needs to change certain behaviors and can also help a high potential person maximize his or her contribution to an organization.

 Coaching is always done by Chuck Wolfe. He has been coaching valued leaders for over thirty years.  His approach is unique since his background includes:

¨   Working as a counselor and therapist when he was affiliated with a psychiatrist

¨   Educated in individual and organizational behavior at Harvard Business School

¨   Working 1.5 years for Harvard Business School, 2.5 years in Training and Organization Development for Exxon, 10 years as Director of Leadership Development for The Hartford, and running his own consulting  and training business since 1994

¨   In 1999 he formed a strategic alliance with the pioneering psychologists who discovered emotional intelligence, Peter Salovey, Provost of Yale University, and his colleagues, Jack Mayer, and David Caruso. They asked for Chuck's help in finding practical ways to apply their scientific discovery to the workplace.

 Chuck has an ability to quickly generate trust with his clients, and share with them his insights into individual and organizational behavior, that enables his clients, and their teams, to achieve their potential. He has created the Emotion Roadmap which is a unique way to apply the ability based model of Emotional Intelligence in his work as a coach.

 Many references from senior leaders in organizations are available.  Three written references are available in the section of the web called About Us. For a visual and audio reference you can click on the following link to hear Dennis Roberts, a senior leader from AIG talking about his experience being coached when he was opening up the beginning of the Emotional Intelligence Critical Skills for Success Workshop to a group of HR professionals in AIG  Dennis has since gone on to become President of Affluent Markets in North America for Zurich Financial Services.

For additional information about the actual process for coaching please click on Valued Leader Coaching Process.


4. Emotional Intelligence Critical Skills for Success Workshop

 This two day workshop is run internally for organizations. There are trainers around the globe that are available to run this workshop in a multitude of languages. A train the trainer is available for companies who wish to conduct the program themselves or for consultants and trainers who wish to make this part of their product offering to their customers.  While Chuck Wolfe, lead author of the program, added his expertise in the application of EI to the workplace, the program also benefited from its co-development with associates. The New Haven Consulting Group added excellent production and logistical planning skills along with their expertise in training, and David Caruso, co-author of the MSCEIT added the scientific and academic foundation. In its introduction the program was reviewed and approved by Peter Salovey, Dean of Yale College, one of the two pioneers who investigated and defined the ability model of Emotional Intelligence. For an overview of the program please click on the link, EI Critical Skills.



5. Explore New Pathways for Creating High Team Performance

The Emotionally Intelligent Performance Discussions

& Talent Management Workshop


 This customized half day or one day workshop represents a targeted application of the science of Emotional Intelligence that generates inspired team performance. This workshop teaches a method for team planning that helps teams have meaningful dialog about roles and responsibilities and the competencies necessary to accomplish their present and future work. When team members discuss with their leader the performance needed to accomplish immediate and strategic goals, rather than simply reviewing the past, the entire emotional tone becomes much more positive and the resulting discussion more effective. The workshop also teaches methods to identify when talented individuals need more challenges and opportunities for growth and what to do about it.  This highly interactive workshop will help you enhance performance and manage talent throughout your organization.  Tom Peters has written about these innovations in his journal, “On Achieving Excellence.” For additional information click on the link, Inspired Team Performance.


6. The New Leader – Managing the Change

 This is a customized consulting intervention designed to immediately strengthen the effectiveness of a new manager or leader.  Interestingly enough there is very little money or effort to help a new leader to successfully engage his or her team.  The amount to recruit the leader can easily be over $100,000 and yet few organizations avail themselves of the opportunity to maximize the leader’s chances for a quick and efficient orientation and integration. Click here to see how we approach a new leader’s arrival, The New Leader.


The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

 There is a need to help our children to become emotionally intelligent. In order to do so it is critical that we provide their teachers with the knowledge we have gained about the science and application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.  Chuck Wolfe worked with Bruce Alster, an award winning principal, to develop a one day program to help teachers learn how to use EI to improve classroom management, to get along better with parents, peers and principals. To learn more click on the following link, Teacher.